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Адрес: Wutan Village, Chidian,
Jinjiang ,Quanzhou City, Fujian
Телефон: +86-595-85956056
факс: +86-595-85923236
почта: nuoda@qznuoda.com
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Where the cast film production line in Quanzhou City, reasonable price
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Protection, Packaging, Hygiene Films – Leading Technology for Your Cast Film Needs

We are an industry leader in cast film technology for applications in food packaging, personal care markets, stretch and cling films (link to applications page). Our knowledge of multi-layer cast film structures and MDO (machine direction orientation) coupled with innovative dies and winders, high efficiency cooling rolls and superior control technology enable us to support customers worldwide.

Our reliable extruders and cast film extrusion equipment add value by consistently reducing scrap and improving processing rates. Cast films and cast embossed films processed on Quanzhou Nuoda cast film systems are known for high tensile strength and excellent barrier properties. The supply of barrier cast film lines, CPP film lines and EVA, TPU,PE  film lines are among our areas of expertise.


Jinjiang cast film production line quality, Fengze cast film production line for reference only use, the actual subject.
After sale service: quality
Manufacturer: Quanzhou Nuoda Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: Wu Tan Industrial Zone,Chidian, Jinjiang , Quanzhou ,Fujian 
Sales: Wholesale and retail;
Cast film production line brand: Noda
Product grade: Grade
Freight: the parties
Price: negotiation
Product Name: cast film production line
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