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Nuoda Jinjiang cast film production line
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Nuoda Machinery Co., Ltd mainly to supply the products of special equipment of steel material cast film production line machinery and equipment industry - the industry production, its main use is widely used in food, medical supplies, textiles, flowers, daily necessities packaging. Various types of products, mainly due to t-457, weight 500KG, product types can be supplied according to customer requirements.
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This is a significant cast film area for Quanzhou Nuoda Machinery. Mono and coextruded systems are available as well as film forming using the wet or dry embossing method as determined by product requirements. Repeatable embossing patterns and low-tension capabilities provide excellent winding performance. In-line slitting down to 3 inches (76mm) are possible with our advanced winding systems. Specialty cast film lines can incorporate coating or lamination of lightweight non-woven substrates. We often provide custom equipment or configurations to meet specific product requirements.

  • Core diameters of 3 to 6 inches (76 to 152.4mm) are possible using specially designed winding systems for all line widths
  • Typical line speeds of 600 to 1400 fpm (80 to 425 mpm) depending on extrusion package, formulation, film properties, embossing method and selected winding options

End products include baby diapers, protective and masking films, disposable garments and bed sheets, pouches, PP photo protective sleeves, shower curtains and tablecloths.

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