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Fujian engineering machinery enterprises took the lead into the ASEAN market
обновление: 2013-01-16    Xит: 595    Cудя по : Nuoda
China and ASEAN free trade area is started formally, Fujian province construction machinery enterprises use advantage of ground predestined relationship to fight in the ASEAN market. In April 8th organized by the" into the ASEAN -- engineering machinery products : opportunities and challenges" seminar to discuss.
Fujian Province Economic and Trade Commission electrical line canal does director Guo Xiaofeng said, because of the Fujian construction machinery products with higher performance-price ratio, the ASEAN has certain potential and market.
In the face of substantial market potential, experts also pointed out that the domestic construction machinery export products abroad problems -- after sale service does not follow to go up. Therefore, Building Machinery Corporation responsible person in the seminar disclosed the enterprises to enter the market of ASEAN two step strategy. In addition to the local established perfect distribution channels and service network, allows local users can enjoy the same service with Chinese local customer service, enterprises have set up factories in local, to further reduce the cost of production and transportation, to provide users with high quality and inexpensive products.
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